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All NEW TOT, Weight-Loss, and GH Therapy membership includes Provider Care for all minor/non-urgent medical needs at no additional cost.

Offering our patients SOLUTIONS for OPTIMAL LIVING. No referrals needed. No long scheduled wait times to be seen. Get your consultation and treatment in person or through telemedicine.

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Medical Treatment

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Scientifically proven methods to optimize your testosterone

Transforming Men's Health and Optimizing Testosterone Therapy

Customized treatment plans designed to help you get what’s missing in your life: energy, motivation, confidence, stamina, and libido.


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Symptoms of Low Testosterone
Low testosterone may be affecting you and can cause unwanted changes in your behavior and appearance.

Noticeable change in behavior

Low Testosterone

Behavior Changes

Weight Loss Clinic for Men

Weight Loss Consultant

Noticeable changes in your appearance

Edge Back

Feel Driven to Get your Edge Back

Feel confident in discussing your health needs with your Provider at Alpha 1 Performance.

Sit one-on-one with our Provider to create a personal, custom Optimizing Plan that will get you started on improving your physical and mental performance.

Your provider will monitor your progress and help keep you on path to optimizing your testosterone levels
and your overall health and well-being.

Monthly Cost including Provider Consultation $175 / month.

Initial includes

$ 225
  • Labs
  • Provider Consultation
  • Physical Examination
  • The first month's medications and start-up supplies you will need.

Monthly Cost

$ 170 Month
  • Testosterone Optimization Protocol
  • Testosterone + estrogen receptor blockers and estrogen blockers (AI) if indicated
  • Monthly supplies
  • Follow up labs
  • Access to your provider and your personal health portal for Direct provider messaging Ongoing follow ups and office visits to address general medical concerns specific to men.

With Alpha1 Performance you’re never alone in your journey to transforming your life.

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